With love in her eyes and flowers in her hair...
— Jimmy Page & Robert Plant

I love open windows and cool breezes. I love dark chocolate, small towns and the sound of a pouring bath. I love cozy Fall mornings and stormy grey skies with ever changing clouds that can carry you away in daydreams. I can get lost in a great cup of coffee while listening to music that you can feel right into your soul. I’m a junky for the classics on vinyl, getting carried away by the amazing sounds of Led Zeppelin, the poetic lyrics of The Doors or the peaceful rasp of Bob Dylans voice. I’m a mom, a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter, an artist and believe in the heart of gold in everyone. I love outdoor adventures by the river or beach or in the mountains with my amazing family. 


I could just stare and be amazed by my two little boys Bekam and Carter all day. I get lost in their cuddles and every “I love you mom” melts my heart. Watching them become their own little people with kind, sweet, adventurous and fearless hearts is the best thing in the world. I’m the luckiest girl to find the man of my dreams when “Dreamweaver” played in his head all those years ago and married my husband Neil. Our fun loving husky cross Bodhi (named after Patrick Swayze in Point Break, I have a thing for anything Swayze) completes our little family. He grew up from an 8 week old puppy with then 6 month old Bekam and to this day Bekam still calls him his best friend. I admire the daydreamer, the believer and the lover.


Love and North is the product of my love for creating, drawing and lettering. I create custom signs and décor for any kind of event using various mediums on multiple surfaces like chalkboard, wood, glass, mirror, marble and stone. I’ve always had a passion for making everything. Whether it’s turning Bekam and Carter into whatever their hearts desire for Halloween, spending hours making costumes from scratch, lettering, drawing and painting on any surface or teaming up with my husband and making something amazing out of a pallet. Living in the beautiful Sea to Sky area I love being surrounded by mountains, rivers and the ocean and am a huge believer in pulling inspiration from nature.

I would love to help bring your vision for your special day to life or to collaborate and come up with a beautiful and unique style. My Zen place is with a pen or brush in hand listening to music while working on a piece of art. Send me an e-mail, I’d love to chat.